NGT Synthesis is marketing Methaforming technology to enhance margins and reduce CO2 emissions of oil refiners and gasoline blenders, with very low capital investment. Our technology uses lighter hydrocarbons (up to ~200oC boiling temperature) and alcohols or olefinic gases to make Euro-4 compliant gasoline. Methaforming removes sulfur and can replace hydrotreatment, catalytic reforming, isomerization and benzene removal. It can be used as the main process at a lighter-feed refinery or a blender, or to upgrade naphtha-type feeds at a full range crude oil refinery. It enables traditional refiners to process excess naphtha, e.g. originating from light tight (shale) crude oil. Value uplift can exceed $250 per ton depending on local conditions. Will come In commercial operation in Q1 2017. 

We can help you if you are interested in naphtha processing, wondering what to do with dry FCC gas, how to convert methanol to gasoline, or break the ethanol blending wall. Methaforming is particularly strong in upgrading C5 and C6 streams, but is effective in the full C1-C11 range, including LPG, pentane, hexane, heptane and heavy naphthas.

Make gasoline from naphtha and light olefins at 1/3 of the usual cost, reduce CO2 emissions, use carbon-neutral feeds

Recognized as "State of the Art Technology" by Worldwide Refinery Processing Review


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A large scale commercial plant announced in the Methaforming family of technologies

Stephen Sims presents Methaforming at PRC Europe in Budapest, May 2019

Stephen Sims presents Methaforming at PRC Europe in Budapest, May 2019

Saving processing costs and reducing emissions with Methaforming with Alexei Beltyukov, Founder, NGT Global AG

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  • Use cheaper feeds including gas mixes with light olefins to make gasoline.

  • Increase margins by over $200 per ton.

  • Reduce CapEx by up to $120/tpa.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions by ~300kg per ton of feed.

  • Remove sulfur from naphtha without external hydrogen.

  • Profitable starting from 2,000 tons per year.

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