Commercial Applications


Commercial applications

Methaforming is an extremely versatile technology that can be profitable from as little as 2 000 tons per year. It can upgrade very low value feeds in the C1-C11 range (e.g. dry gas from your FCC unit) into high octane gasoline or a mix of aromatics (BTX).


Units of 3 k bpd and Less, Processing Various Feeds

Process cheap feeds like condensate or low octane naphtha with an entry investment often under $ 1 million, for pre-tax payback of under a year.


Large Units Processing Full Range Naphtha

Step up your margin by 20+% at a capital cost of 1/3 of a new CCR reformer suite.


Conversions of Semi-Regenerative Reformers and HDS Units

Step up your operating margin by 20+% at a fraction of the cost of a new CCR, benzene removal and isomerization plants. Get extra CO2 credits.


Hydrotreat Naphtha Without Adding Hydrogen

Save on external hydrogen while still removing most sulfur and olefins.