Commercial Applications


Commercial applications

Methaforming is an extremely versatile technology that can be profitable from as little as 2 000 tons per year. It can upgrade very low value feeds in the C4-C11 range (e.g. dry gas from your FCC unit) into high octane gasoline or a mix of aromatics (BTX).


6 000 tpa (150 bpd) assembled standalone Methaformers available for ordering

Process cheap feeds like condensate or low octane naphtha into high octane gasoline with an affordable entry investment. Depending on local conditions, the unit can pay back for itself within the first year of operation.


Large Units Processing Full Range Naphtha

Step up your margin by 20+% at a capital cost of 1/3 of a new CCR reformer suite.


Conversions of Semi-Regenerative Reformers and HDS Units

Step up your operating margin by 20+% at a fraction of the cost of a new CCR, benzene removal and isomerization plants. Get extra CO2 credits.


Hydrotreat Naphtha Without Adding Hydrogen

Save on external hydrogen while still removing most sulfur and olefins.